Obama Urged To Ban Assault Weapons By Congress
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Thread: Obama Urged To Ban Assault Weapons By Congress

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    Obama Urged To Ban Assault Weapons By Congress

    Certain members of Congress are urging Obama to ban the import of assault weapons by executive order. They call for the reinstatement of the AWB "instituted under George H. W. Bush" and continued through the Clinton administration. They should get their facts straight since it was Clinton who signed the AWB into law.

    Latin American Herald Tribune - Obama Urged to Do More to Stop Flow of Guns to Mexico

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    That is not too surprizing... I did a quick look around and can not see who else is on that 50 people list... ????????
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    Exclamation lies lies and more lies

    they are beating the same tired drum now from another countries news paper. It did not fly here the first time.

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    Not to mention the worn out, tired, misleading (or downright false, depending on the exact wording used) statistic of "93%".

    I also find it rather amusing that they begin the story with "Democrats and Republicans in the House..." and when they finally reveal who sent the letter, we find that it was Eliot Engle and Caroline Mc-frikin-Carthy (2 big time NY gun-grabbers) and Delaware Rino Michael Castle.

    But, what else would we expect from the "Latin America Herald Tribune"?
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    Brace for OCD collision!!!!

    For the record, change in Russian is изменение (izmeneniye). Change transliterated into Cyrillic would be Чаинж. Д is the same as D, not A. И is the same as long-E, not N. The G in Cyrillic is Г. The Ch in Cyrillic is Ч.

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