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Thread: Colin Powell "Concerned" About Obama Agenda

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    Quote Originally Posted by utimmer43 View Post
    Alot of people voted for him because he is black. Not just black people who just wanted "one of their own", but also a great deal of white people who felt guilty about being white and wanted to prove they aren't racist... "
    Yes! That is exactly what happened!
    Again I say, "'Common sense' is not very common and doesn't make any sense"!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DebS View Post
    He obviously knows he doesn't have the time. He is forcing bills a thousand + pages long through the House overnight, no reading required. He knows if he lets Representatives read these bills and get feedback from their constituents, they would never pass. The Majority Leadership in the House and Senate are currently assisting him too, of course.

    He knows he's only got two years. The People are catching on and more will as things continue to worsen. The 2010 voting results will make it much harder for him to get his agenda through. Even just a few changes in Congressmen and Senators will make it much more difficult, if not impossible, to get his Oligarchy in place.

    Run Forrest, run.
    IDK, That is just what it sounded like Powell was saying, to me anyway.

    What I do think Obama is up to though is not only to cram as much into 2 years as possible, but to wear us down. If he, and Congress, just push and push and push, their hope is that we just become fatigued by the constant barrage of nonsense and eventually we just give in. WE CAN NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!!!!

    On the contrary, we MUST continue to call and write our congressmen. Each and every time some load of B.S. comes to the surface, we must let them know that we will not stand for it. It does no good for us to vow to each other that we will vote them out in 2010 if they continue to vote the way they do. We must tell THEM that, over and over until they recognize our voices on the other end of the phone.

    We must also not settle for a compromise. That is another tactic of getting their way. They propose (and fight for) something so outlandish, and then when they agree to compromise, we cave in. We cannot allow this to happen either. NO MEANS NO!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DebS View Post
    ... when you're stupid, your whole body suffers.

    I know a lot of people who staunchly supported candidate Obama who now strongly oppose President Obama's agenda!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZSATT View Post
    Powell has generally been one of those 'moderate-to-liberal' Republicans on many issues before this "post-turtle" took office.

    I'm hoping and praying an overwhelming majority of Americans - regardless of party affiliation BS - wake up to this insanity and realize this "hope & change" isn't what they intended when they voted this dork into the oval office... regardless of how nice and warm & fuzzy it made them feel when they drank the kool-aid last fall.

    I'd like to think America can wake up and work to "fix this" as early as next year's elections. The way this prez is going, he's well on his way to tipping the pot onto himself with all the stirring he's doing.

    Personally, I failed to see the 'big deal' with C. Powell even when he was a General, but his discernment is certainly suspect to support this dork and then "flip" so soon afterward. He'll make a fine politician!

    A "post-turtle" by definition: A turtle placed atop a fence post. He didn't get there by himself. He has no idea what he's doing there. He's certainly out of his element. He has no idea how he'll get down. And those who placed him there obviously weren't "forward thinkers" either. Now what?
    ROFLMAO on the "post-turtle" definition. As for Powell, I've never liked the guy. Yeah he was a General. yeah, he was put into a few powerful positions, but as for being a "leader", he hasn't impressed me.

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  6. The Slow Folks

    Quote Originally Posted by matthewaynelson View Post
    People who so staunchly supported Obama are today surprised at discovering his agenda NOW that he is President?! ˇCaramba! Perhaps they should have declined the Kool-Aid when it mattered—during the 2008 elections! A lot of good their astonishment and surprise does America today. Idiots!

    Sadly, you just can't fix stupid! :(
    I often wonder if the people in our neighborhood who so proudly put out those Obama/Biden signs in their yard are feeling stupid yet, or if they'll just Stand By Their Man til the rotten end. I can't help but to remember which houses those were, and look at them like they might be a little, shall we say, slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    Where the hell was he a year ago?? The handwriting was on the wall then for anyone with eyes to see (who was willing to suspend their imagination and see reality) long ago. You'd think a senior officer and military strategist should have seen through the bull5h1+ and hyperbole to the Truth. Now he sees it, and now's too late. Go back into retirement, General. Thanks anyway.
    Powell is just another RINO showing his true colors. Obama supporters, whether they voted for his color or all the free programs he promised, did not care to hear the truth. Now the bills are stating to pile up and the credit cards are maxed out. When the chickens come home to roost, hopefully enough people will wake up vote some real hope and change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    I guess a light bulb just came on in Powells head.
    well it would be nice to know where the switch is beforehand!
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    IMAO it is all about race for Colin Powell. He also agreed with Sotomayor's ruling on the New Haven firefighters.

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