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    To all of my fellow Americans who believe in the US Constitution, I have created my own web site dedicated to the cause of Liberty, Freedom, and Individualism. Soon I will have a daily 15 to 20 minute show. Enjoy and best of all ITS FREE! The Link is as follows: The Conservative Lion

  3. Thank you, sir.

  4. You are most welcome my fellow American!

  5. New Article posted at The Conservative Lion web site. For an excellent article on Anti-Gun Control please link to: Major Issues

    Please welcome our newest author, George, at The Conservative Lion! He hails from Dallas Texas.

    Also I have mentioned in the past that I would have a regular video show at the web site. Just to keep you posted I am currently working on the media technical aspects. I am hoping possibly end of this week.

    Take care all.


  6. Please welome another writer to The Conservative Lion, Josh. He will be writing an article that will be published by the end of the week.

  7. As promised I have included a video show at The Conservative Lion. Included is a section on the Second Amendment Issues. Please link to The Conservative Lion

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