Nationwide Call To Action: Oppose S.1261

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Update on REAL ID

Gun owners should be very concerned about a National ID card.

PASS ID is the new name for REAL ID. You need to call both Nevada Senators and tell them “NO” on S. 1261.

PASS ID (S. 1261), changes can be viewed at this website:
Real Nightmare

PASS ID is set to have a hearing in the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee at 10AM EST on Wednesday, July 15th.

Urgent: Immediate calls are needed.
Call Senators Ensign and Reid and tell them no “National ID” regardless of the name.
Tell them “NO” on S. 1261.

Senator Reid can be reached at-- 202-224-3542.
Senator Ensign can be reached at-- 202-224-6244

Ask them both to OPPOSE PASS ID (S. 1261).

Note: "In a provision that is actually worse than Real ID, PASS ID will allow insecure technology such as radio RFID chips to be used as part of PASS ID, despite the strong potential that technology holds for tracking of individuals' movements."
Real Nightmare

More on RFID <click here>

Again, at this late hour, calls are essential. The hearing is scheduled at 10AM EST on Wednesday, July 15th.

IF you do not live in Nevada Contact Your Two U.S. Senators Via:
U.S. Senate: Senators Home

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