Alert 07-20-09

Stop Backdoor Gun Registration

Nevada Statewide Call To Action: Stop Backdoor Gun Registration Vote Tomorrow

A National ID card has often been thought of as National Gun Registration.
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Continue reading to understand what is happening here in Nevada and to find out what you can do to stop it.

REAL ID by any other name is still an invasion of our privacy! REAL ID, a national identification program is being “reworked” as PASS ID.
Is the REAL ID Revival Bill, “PASS ID,” a National ID? | Cato @ Liberty

Tuesday, July 21st, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) will try to pass a resolution supporting the REAL ID revival bill, PASS ID.

Nevada State Senator Dennis Nolan will be chairing the meeting and he needs to hear from you ASAP! Please call or email him and tell him that you oppose the REAL ID revival bill, PASS ID.

NEEDED ACTION: It is critical that Senator Nolan get phone calls and e-mails about PASS ID immediately, as the vote is tomorrow, July 21st.

Legislative Office: 775-684-1421
Email: [email protected]
Legislative Assistant: [email protected]

Please make sure that his legislative assistant, Adam Stryker, is also copied on any email that is sent!


Many organizations, including the Americans for Tax Reform Americans for Tax Reform, GONV Gun Owners of Nevada Official Website, Campaign for Liberty Campaign For Liberty — Real ID: A Real Warning on the Danger of Government **| by James Bovard, The ACLU ACLU of Nevada, National Immigration Law Center, National Network to End Domestic Violence, Cato Institute The Politics of the REAL ID Revival Bill | Cato @ Liberty, opposes or have written in opposition to PASS ID.

We need your help to stop it!!

Please call or email Senator Nolan and tell him that you oppose the REAL ID revival bill, PASS ID.