Is this showing more weekness??
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Thread: Is this showing more weekness??

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    Is this showing more weekness??

    Today Senate rejects additional F-22 funding. So our nukes are going to be cut by 1/3, Gitmo was closed, and funding for additional F22 has been rejected. Also stating the Pres Obama Applauds the the F-22 vote.

    So my question is do you guys think this is showing more weekness?
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    Working right next to the 1st Fighter Wing offers some other rumors of the reason why the f-22 funding was cut off. the word i got was it is now OBSOLETE. There must be somethin in production that is better and only time will tell if that is so. we can only hope that is the case
    We would be better off with BORAT as PRESIDENT!!!!

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    Don't know that I'd call it "weakness" per se.

    I can see the F-22 funding being cut, and I think it was Fox News reporting that the F-22 was cut because the new F-35 will be replacing it, so no need to fund both. Scary, but that actually makes sense fiscally and strategically.

    Nukes - we can stand to greatly reduce our nuke inventory and still have plenty for "just in case" STHF scenarios. I'm sure that money can be better spent providing illegals with health and education benefits.

    Gitmo is a mess. Confirmations continue that former Gitmo detainees are back in the fight trying to kill our troops. Personally, I don't care WHERE these jokers are detained, but they need to be detained and end this sick 'catch and release' game we pay for in blood. Futher evidence bHo hasn't a clue how to defend a nation.

    We are still a nation at war.
    "There is no consitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen." (7th Cir. 1982, Bowers v. DeVito)Stay safe, and stay

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    I think we will be at war for a very long time....sad but true in my eyes
    "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

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    anyone know if they cut out the concealed carry reciprocity amendment out of this bill yet?

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