Where to Find On Line the 4473 Form
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Thread: Where to Find On Line the 4473 Form

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    Where to Find On Line the 4473 Form

    Went to a gun show a few weeks back. Saw a yellow form at the table where guns where being sold. Found out that this mulit-page yellow form was the latest Form 4473. Went to the ATF URL, but could not find one to down load (all the URL talked about was the automated version).

    Does anybody know where I can get a copy online, so I can download and print?

    The last time I filled one out was in 2004, and if I remember right, it was a single (or maybe double with explainations on the back) sided form.

    Want to show to wife, so she understands what is being asked. (Why is a family matter that should not be discussed here).
    Orlando, FL

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    Go down to a local store that sells guns and ask for a blank one

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