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Thread: How do you rate Mr. Obama's job performance thus far?

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    I can't believe there were 2 people on this forum brain dead enough to vote Strongly Approve .
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    What ever happened to the list that shows who voted how?
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    Quote Originally Posted by utimmer43 View Post

    ... what ever happened to the list that shows who voted how?
    That was one of the options in setting up the poll... but… sticking with my convictions that “elections without secret ballots” is a bad thing, I went with the private option! :)
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    I'd wager by years end, any of us would be challenged to find somebody that admits to voting for him...
    I agree. I'm also looking forward to the mid-term elections next year. I think some things will change in congress.
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    It seems many Americans are waking up. CNN's poll grading system shows 36% giving Obama an "F" and the next highest rating was 16% giving him a "D".

    CNN: Second 100 Days

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    Hey if your a terrorist he's doing great. First to cut prisons, interrogation methods and give rights to them.
    If your an American, your in deep trouble; IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    I had to go with strongly disapprove because there was no choice lower.
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