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Thread: Is the NRA losing its touch??

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    Imagine your gun ownership experience without an NRA. They are purveyors of inflammatory rhetoric at times but so is their opposition.

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    Uh, how many gun owners are there in the U.S.? And how many of them voted for Obama? Start with those figures before working on the NRA. Obama and his anti-gun cronies are there because of the voters. I don't think the NRA can do it all by themselves, nor can the GOA, or any of the other gun-rights groups. But without the NRA lobby, we'd have lost all of our rights a long time ago.

    And until "we the people" start showing up in Congress and the Senate and arguing the 2nd Amendment case, only the groups with lobbying power have any chance. I myself don't think that the NRA is a perfect organization, but when you look at its structure and its connections, it is doing a job that we cannot do as individuals. Same for the GOA et al.

    You hit the nail on the head when you said that as long as the anti-gunners keep getting re-elected, nothing will change. The next elections are in 2010 - get to the polls and throw these bums out.
    -= Piece Corps =-

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