A "community organizer" cannot complain when communities organize, yet that is exactly what is happening. The community organizer-in-chief is all bent out of shape because people are organizing against him and against his lies and against his policies. July 23rd of 2007, Barack Obama said that it was a qualification to be president to be a community organizer. Now his White House and his party is attacking communities of Americans, organized and otherwise. Are you kidding me? This was the badge of honor! That's the sum total of his career, other than 150 days in the Senate. This is what Barack Obama said was the best education he ever had was community organizing for ACORN. It was the highest good of public service -- and he's now trying to swat down citizens who have grievances? Of course! Because he's an authoritarian.

A new Democrat National Committee ad targets the protesters of Barack Obama claiming if you disagree with Obama, you are a mob!

This is the president of the United States who ran as a unifier. He has now resorted to nothing more than a raw political campaign, as president, against a majority of the American people who oppose him. The president of the United States is running ads referring to 52% of the American people as a "mob." This is beneath the dignity of the White House. It's typical of the Democrat Party, but it is beneath the dignity of the Oval Office. (More)