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    changed a liberal

    Hey guys, I'm a student at a dental school. I was with a classmate of mine who thought the obama care plan was good. I explained to him about page 425 and page 16 and all the other BS thats in the plan and he actually changed his mind about obama care. I guarantee you ill get him to go shooting before the year is up and get him to start thinking clearly. there is hope in america.

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    Awesome, keep up the good work. The best way seems to be the one at a time approach. Thet is the way it has worked for me. If you get more than at a time together, they seem to get the herd instinct and stampede blindly.

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    Always good to here about the conversion of a liberal.
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    Huk is right. Keep up the good work!

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    One down and a whole lot more to go! Good job...
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