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Thread: Cash for Clunkers participants, you've been Owned!

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    Certain parts can be salvaged from the cars, but the cars can NOT be sold, and the engines have to be destroyed.
    Another idea is, why not take the cream of this crop (there are a lot of unsafe vehicles that are coming off the road as part of this program) and refurbish them and donate them to some of the folks that are struggling because they lost their jobs.. So they can get to interviews and eventually to work.. No profit made, and people are being helped..
    An unexpected side effect of this program has been how it has negatively impacted some charities. Some charities such as the Salvation Army receive donations of old cars, which they in turn sell or fix up and give away. These charities have seen a big downturn on cars being donated because people are turning them in as clunkers.

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    The vehicles that are turned in have some components stripped for resale from scrap yards, but most of the vehicle is sent to a materials recycler where steel, aluminium, glass, copper, etc. are reclaimed.

    As for the "...part of a Federal system..." statement, if you access your employer's computer system from home, you will typically see a very similar notice, or at least see it in the documents your IT department supplies. The threatening aspect of THIS statement is the realisation of WHO is currently administering the federal system.

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