WTF is a semi-assault rifle?
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Thread: WTF is a semi-assault rifle?

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    WTF is a semi-assault rifle?

    Slashdot is starting to feature a video section (just links to YouTube vids) and here's the first one I watched through Slashdot. A Missouri car dealer who last year had a promotion where new truck buyers got a free handgun, this year is running a promotion for a free AK-47. This is the interview the dealer did with CNN. It's both funny and sad to listen to the cluelessness of the CNN talking head. | Missouri Car Dealer To Give Away AK-47 With New Truck
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    Maybe a cross between a semi-automatic and a full assault rifle. In all seriousness I think Mark did an outstanding job of explaining how an AK-47 may come in handy. The fact that he used vouchers to help prevent felons from getting hold of one was a great idea also.
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  4. yea, I saw the same term on CNN today, on their scrolling headline thing. I souldn't stop laughing. I wonder if they will be pressing for a semi-assault weapon ban?
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    Could it possibly be a weapon that still is essentially the same, but doesn't have the features such as a pistol grip, a collapsible or folding stock, a flash suppressor, a high capacity magazine, or a bayonet lug? During the assault weapons ban, I saw plenty of weapons (ie., AK-47 and AR-15 variants) that were the same as the banned weapons, minus the aforementioned features.
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    Most news reporter have no clue. We had a couple of those stupid gun buy back things here in Fort Worth and Dallas this past weekend. The reporter on the ABC affiliate here at the Fort Worth one made the comment that "This guy brought in two. a pistol and a Tech 9 machine gun"!
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    Maybe it's a weapon used in semi's... or when assaulting a whole fleet of Canadian semi's?....

    You know they're after our skates and cheese, don't you?
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    That.....was awesome! He really stuck to his guns!

  9. Oh, easy. A Semi-Assault Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that also has one of those "shoulder things that go up."

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    Y'all are cracking me up! Thanks for the chuckles!

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