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    sad to one honors what this country was originally built on. The people no longer run this country. The government runs this country. We have no say. It has been perfectly clear that what we want, what we say, doesn't matter. Politicians don't care about the "people". They care about themselves and their pockets. We should study history better as a whole. If we did, we would see our founding fathers put up with alot less than we are.


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    There are always those, enlightened, who think they are better, smarter, and know better than the rest of us. Tyrants, Dictators, dishonest Politicians fear the armed electorate. They have not figured out that the legal carry of firearms is not something they should fear. It would not have been some law abiding citizen who would have taken a shot at Obama. It would have been someone who was carrying illegally.

    The reason they have been so shrill lately, is because they are beginning to understand that we are not sheep. We have teeth, and we are fighting back. From health care, to the "Stimulus" we are sick and tired and are not taking it anymore. We are winning the debate, and we must keep the pressure on. God Bless America, while we still have it.


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    As much as I agree with all the previous posts, I have to say that some of those people just did not show good sense. In particular the guy with the AR-15 slung over his back. It's foolishness such as that which is going to increase the idiotic calls for disarming everybody. Just because Arizona allows open carry that doesn't mean that it's prudent in every situation. Like him or not (I don't) Obama is the sitting president, and displays such as this are going to do more harm than good for those of us who stand by the Second Amendment. If I was going to attend an event such as this I might still carry, but it would be well concealed. Tennessee law also allows open carry, but it is not encouraged. In fact if you want to carry openly here you can expect to be stopped and questioned by every LEO who sees you. I ALWAYS carry, but it is always concealed. Not only to eliminate the hassle from the LEOs, but also to have some measure of surprise on my side if I'm ever accosted by some thug.
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    Sorry, but I'm not buying that OC is the root cause of the gun control movement.

    Yes, I know you don't say that, the implication is that it is a contributing factor in legislative pushes such as this one. However, the Center for Handgun Violence would be making just as many press releases without OC actions as it does with them.

    The fact is we are all to blame for almost a century of complacence and neglect which allowed our freedoms to erode and legislation to infringe on our rights.

    The last few polls I have seen showed the population apparently favoring less restriction by a ratio of approximately 2:1, so who's to say that OC has not been contributing to public awareness and achieving the desensitization of the public which was hoped for?

    Yes, some of them/us are making mistakes, yet there have been a couple of unfortunate CC situations which fulfilled the predictions concerning shooting over parking spaces and traffic/road rage violations which resulted in fatalities. Where is the condemnation of these CC'ers who let us down with their irresponsible actions?

    Yesterday at McDonalds a man asked me if the gun on my belt was real. When I said it was he asked why was I carrying it. No confrontation, just curiousity. I replied, "Because it's legal here and I believe in being prepared." He then stated that he hadn't seen anyone carry in years and thought it was illegal these days. There were people around us listening and no one was calling MWAG to 911. In the last month of frequent OC'ing in groceries, restaurants, department stores and the like, I've had no complaints, several positive comments and that McDonald's franchisor company is on the anti-OC list yet it was their fifth location I have visited during at least 25 McDonald's visits this last month with no issues.

    Just maybe if we were focusing more on our love of shooting, our concern for safety, visible safe carrying and the appropriate education of the public, we would be making even more progress towards relaxing the gun laws. You might note that WI adopted open carry this summer and several other states, such as TN, made steps in loosening their existing restrictions. Significant progress has been made towards returning carry privileges/rights in our National Parks.

    So, just how is OC hurting us given all these successes?
    Reality, DEAL with IT!

  6. The President is much safer while in a croud of concealed carying patriots than while in D.C. with all his lying backstabing colleagues!

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