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Thread: Barack Hussein Obama's "Civilian Army"

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    The Hitler youth were sort of like the boyscouts in the beginning...but by the end of he war were being trained to fly suicide kamikaze type missions against allied forces, used to execute dissenters and a prime recruiting ground for the SS

    The Fadayeen were set up from the start to keep Sadam in power and were a prime recruiting source for the republican guard. Younger members were also brainwashed into thinking blowing themselves up is cool as long as you take a jew, american, or westerner with you to ensure you receive your virgins.

    Here are the things I have a problem with...

    1. mandatory service
    2. Paramilitary training
    3. No congressional oversight
    4. the whole damn thing being paid fore by you and me
    5. Snitching on neighbors (where I come from snitches get stitches)
    6. Who in the name of God do we need them for??? What threat??? Don't we already have a military? FBI? CIA? Natl Guard? Who are they gonna defend me? who?

    Well said Festus. You have great insight on this.


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    they will be his defense against the army and marines... though not much good it would do him, a majority of the army infantry except the FNG's are combat vets of more than one battle front. While in afghanistan you learn the tactics of your enemy so you can fight them but you still learn them and in iraq you learn how some **** you found at the store can take down an m1a2 abrams. i mean i dont carry if these guys trained for five years and were hopped up on meth like the blitzkrieg, they dont stand a chance. and the marines... well a marine is a marine, enough said.

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    oh just thought i would add this, the last president to piss of the cia like obama is doing was JFK. You dont **** on people that thier specialty is instilling rebelions, and dethroning dictator, and to top it off assasinations.

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