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    Anti Obama Video

    If you dont like obama,this video is for you. I will reserve my opinion.
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    May have already been posted. If so my apologies. feel free to remove it .

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    Were do we sign up. I am there!

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    I like him.
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    +1 its not gonna take but so much more before he is wright
    We would be better off with BORAT as PRESIDENT!!!!

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    That was a good performance. I'd like to think that he is sincere, but I have my doubts.

    White folks are going to rise up, and I don't blame them. Why do you have to be white to be pissed about the current administration? As a white male, I don't care what color our president is. I just don't like ********.

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    “Long-legged halfbreed usurper illegal alien” I love it!!! this guy is my new friend
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    I really wish everyone would get past the color issue. "the content of his character, and not by the color of his skin" has never been more true. obama's character SUCKS, and it doesn't matter what flesh sack it's wrapped in. Rancid fish wrapped in
    The Wall Street Journal doesn't smell better than if it was wrapped in the Boston Globe, it would just READ better.

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    Regardless of the color of his skin, Obama is a thug and a scumbag. He could be green for all I care.

    The fact is that the Community Organizer in Chief is a diabolical fiend who doesn't want to debate his ideas in the realm of political debate but prefers to advance his policies the "Chicago Way".
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    LOL!! That video was AWESOME!!

    I'd have to say, Mr. Manning is more angry than some of the conservative, God fearing patriots I know. God help the kenyan and his administration when everybody that loves this country becomes as pissed off as him!! The usurper might as well resign now!!

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    haha hilarious!!!
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