When Gun Control Legislation is Enacted
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Thread: When Gun Control Legislation is Enacted

  1. When Gun Control Legislation is Enacted

    From everything I am gathering, it seems to me the gun control politicians in Washington will probably not push their agenda too much, just yet.

    They are not dumb. This same group of Obama's and Pelosi's flying monkeys knows very well how angry Americans are across the country about their proposals for orchestrating a massive seizure of power through the guise of "healthcare reform".

    Apparently, new gun control legislation has already been written, but it is simply awaiting implementation. Somewhere around 80 members of Congress are up for re-election in November 2010. If these people want to keep their jobs, they will tread carefully when it comes to the Second Amendment, for the time being.

    If Washington retains a majority AFTER the November 2010 elections, however, then I think an avalanche of anti-Second Amendment legislation will be unleashed.

    Let those who want to get their concealed-carry licenses, "assault" rifles, etc. get them whilst they may. I suspect they have just over a year to do so.

    What do youse think?

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    I think you are right. We are running out of time.
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    I agree.. these snakes pretty much already have it figured out. unless we do something, we can say goodbye to our country as we know it.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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