Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs association hosting third annual CCW forum.
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Thread: Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs association hosting third annual CCW forum.

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    Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs association hosting third annual CCW forum.

    Nevada Sheriff’s and Chiefs’ association hosting third annual CCW forum.

    The Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ association will be hosting its third annual concealed carry weapons (CCW) forum in Carson City on Tuesday, September 15 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Room #1214 of the Nevada Legislative Building.

    The forum will be available to participants in the Las Vegas area via teleconference at the Grant Sawyer Building located at 555 E. Washington Avenue in Room 4401.

    The purpose of the forum is to allow members of the pro-gun community to provide public input regarding the administration of the CCW permitting process, which is the responsibility of the county Sheriffs. The moderating panel will include Douglas County Undersheriff Paul Howell, Nevada Department of Public Safety Captain P.K. O’Neill, and Executive Director of the Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association, Frank Adams.

    Your participation in this forum is key to the continued success of Nevada’s Right-To-Carry process, so please take the time to attend in Carson City or Las Vegas. If you can’t attend, but would like to submit a question or comment, please email: fadams at nvsca dot com or mail to P.O. Box 3247, Mesquite, Nevada. 89024

    Note: NVSCA is the single biggest firearm lobbyist in Nevada, and they are responsible for:

    • Clark County Only Mandatory Handgun Registration (Blue Card),

    • Pay for Use State NICS checks, instead of free FBI NICS Checks,

    • For Nevada CCW Holders to no longer be exempt from NICS checks and fees,

    • Attempts at making the renewal fee 10’s of times higher than it is now,

    • And the law making it illegal to carry a loaded shotgun or rifle in your vehicle.

    So obviously they generally write pro-law enforcement legislation that gets submitted to the Nevada Legislature…

    While they claim to be pro-gun they are actually pro Law & Order (Pun Intended), pro-backdoor firearm registration, which ultimately leads to confiscation as history has shown us…

    It is pivotal that if you live in Nevada, regardless of whether or not you have a CCW that you show up in Las Vegas or Carson city on the 15th, and make your voice heard to Frank Adams and the NVSCA.

    nvsca infringing upon Nevada’s Second Amendment rights since 1953…

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    Reminder IF you are in Nevada its this Tuesday! BE THERE!!!

    [GoNV Update]

    Gun Owners of Nevada
    Its a Right -- Not a Privilege Nevada's No Compromise Gun Lobby

    Gun Owners of America
    Gun Owners of America - "The Only No Compromise Gun Lobby In Washington." - Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

    Nevada Sheriff’s and Chiefs’ Association --
    Annual CCW forum.

    WHERE: Carson City, Nevada-- Legislative Building-- Room #1214
    Date: Tuesday, September 15
    WHEN: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    The forum is also available via teleconference for Las Vegas and Southern Nevada residents. The teleconference is at the Grant Sawyer Building located at 555 E. Washington Avenue in Room 4401.

    For those who are unable to attend, you may email Frank Adams with your questions. [email protected]

    The Nevada Sheriff’s and Chiefs’ Association is responsible for several issues relating to gun owners:

    • Handgun Registration in Clark County (Blue Card)
    • $25 sales Tax on each gun purchase
    • Attempted Fee increases on CCW holders
    • And many other unconstitutional gun laws

    If you do NOT want more firearm taxes & fees and if you do not want increased registration and more draconian gun laws, you need to attend this meeting.

    PS—Again, if you can’t attend, it is imperative that you submit your concerns about less government intrusiveness via email.
    Email Frank Adams with your concerns: [email protected]


    Sharron Angle has answered our questionnaire. (click here)

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    That's great! Here in my hometown the local PD offers a CCW course at no charge. After completion, you can head down to the police station the next day for your fingerprints, fill out your application and send it off. We are one of two towns on Cape Cod that offers the class at no charge. A pretty gun friendly town, considering we are in the PRMA!

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