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Thread: Nationwide CCW - Right To Carry (RTC) Reciprocity (S. 388)

  1. Most of them can't tell their rights from their lefts.The slide is getting greased by all of us.

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    I'm sure Il,Hi,MD,D.C., NJ, NYC,&NYS, CA, etc.. were thrilled to allow retired cops carrying in their jurisdictions.

    They will one day soon be equally joyful to find us carrying there too:-)

    Thanks for the hope Joe, We appreciate it! :o

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    They say that good things come to those that wait. Lets hope that holds true. In the meantime lets all keep the pot stirred with letters and e-mails to our elected officials.
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  5. I see both sides of the coin with this issue.

    I already have 50 State CCW, as I'm a Federal LEO. The question I ask myself is, "Do we really want the Feds mandating where/when we can carry or should we try to do it on a state by state basis?"

    Granted, 50 State CCW would be nice for all "legal" gunowners that have a CCW, and I will work towards this goal on my own time. I think H.R. 218 (LEOSA) is the "precident" for this legislation. I don't think something like this will pass soon, but keep pushing for it and it will happen one day, if the Dems don't ban guns all together.

    Good luck, it will be a long and hard fight to get something like this passed at the national level, but probably easier than getting states like IL to pass CCW.


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    If only this really becomes a reality... wow that would be great!
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    While I would love the Federal Goverment to mandate to the individual 50 states what our God given, constitutuional Right is I dont see this happening in the next 20 years...not counting the (sorry) police states (we know who they are), we in OHio are still working on a few more states repreprocity. I'm for less Federal Goverment, not more. I just wonder how long till we need a First ammendment License.
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    You know,guys and gals,I agree with you all that we should not need permission to carry a weapon.Personally,I believe that the 2nd Ammdt. means that we have the right to be armed to protect ourselves from any threat,especially our own government,should the need arise.In that light,I also believe that it was intended that we all be allowed to possess and carry the same types and capacities of weapons that the police and the military do,since in the worst of times that is who we would be defending ourselves against.But this bill,if it passes, is the best we have right now.And it is a step in the right direction
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    Unfortunately S.388 is pretty much a dead issue. Nothing has been done since it was introduced about a year ago. It would be more productive to press for positive action vis-a-vis the RKBA issue currently pending before the Supreme Court (DC V Heller).

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