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    An Independent voter's manifesto

    I am a free American citizen and I have the right to decide how I am going to vote. I will vote for individuals, not political parties. I will exercise my right as a free citizen to vote for the individual candidate who demonstrates to me that he or she enacts and enforces those laws that best serve me, my family and my community. I will obey the elected officials in office, they are the peoples' choice, but they must show me by their actions that they are sincere or I vote for somebody else next election! I will not vote for a candidate that casts aspersions on my religious values, family values, and patriotism or demands a party allegiance.

    This is my individual manifesto. If more citizens came to some sort of philosophy to act as individuals and not party puppets and stopped voting blindly along party lines, following all of the So-called "Liberal" or "Conservative" party propaganda, the politicians would start listening to us as INDIVIDUALS. They would start running as responsible individuals instead of party hacks. They compete for only 20% of the vote because 80% of the American voters are following party lines. The nonsense has to end. If you want to work for me, show me what you are going to do for me.

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    I agree, except the part about "I will obey the elected officials..." I give the government power, not the other way around. They will obey me, per the US and respective State constitutions.

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    +1, Agree

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