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    Exclamation you are wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by FN1910 View Post
    The 21 in JWT's handle must be his age.

    He reminds me of the old saying that if you are under 30 and are not a liberal then you have no heart. If you are over 30 and not a conservative then you have no brain.
    The 21 is his favorite caliber...smaller than a 22 and less punch than a bb-gun...never mind the fact that like his does not exist

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    I am a transplanted NY/NJ schmoe living down here in SC and would be more than happy to join any movement that allows SC to once again begin ar march toward secession. I would rather go it alone than watch this country go down the drain with these socialist pieces of **** in and around the White House and a wussie congress that is scared of its own shadow. This country is a republic and made up of states (that is why we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)who have been relegated to nothing more than feudal territories of the federal government. The federal governement is suppose to protect us and cannot even do that right as we watch 20 million illegals run around the country unimpeded; they are not there to run every aspect of our lives. You watch CNN and you would think that Joe Wilson was a serial killer for heavens sake and the only newsworthy story in the US. When I get in this kind of mood, I just go out and buy another gun.

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