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    Dump Harry Reid


    Chuck Muth's


    SEPTEMBER 10, 2009


    Sam Lieberman, Chairman of the Nevada Democrat Party, filed a complaint today with the FEC (which stands for Federal Election Commission, and that is actually VERY relevant to this matter as you’ll find out in the days to come) in an effort to shut down the Dump Reid PAC.
    Please go HERE to Jon Ralston’s blog and read the complaint in its entirety. And pay particular attention to “Attachment A.”
    Unfortunately, lawyers are now involved, so I have to get clearance before I can respond officially. However, let me say just a few things.
    1.) This complaint is bull-$#%&.
    2.) Sam Lieberman isn’t allowed to break wind without first getting permission from Harry Reid. So make no mistake, this is the Majority Leader of the United States Senate trying to shut down political speech by American citizens.
    3.) Reid might win. He might actually have the law on his side on one trivial aspect of the complaint, and all we have on our side is the Constitution. Unfortunately, in this day and age that’s not enough. Just ask Susette Kelo.
    Stay tuned. And keep a copy of the Reid/Lieberman complaint handy. Unless I’m forced to “lawyer up” because we don’t have the money to fight Dingy Harry in court over this, my response is gonna be a DOOZY!
    Citizen Muth

    “We respectfully request that the (Federal Election) Commission investigate these violations, and that (Dump Reid PAC) be enjoined from further violations and be fined the maximum amount permitted by law.”
    - Sam Lieberman, Chairman of the Nevada Democrat Party, in his FEC complaint against the Dump Reid PAC, 9/10/09

    Dump Reid - Change we REALLY can believe in!

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    Harry Reid Sells Out America, Nevada and The Second Amendment Again


    Radical 'Regulatory Czar' Could Pose Problems for Gun Owners
    -- While BATFE is ready to step up efforts at spying on gun owners

    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408
    Join GOA Online With our Secure Online Membership form.

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    Yesterday, another radical extremist joined the ranks of the Obama administration.

    Cass Sunstein, who is an old friend of Barack Obama, is now our new Regulatory Czar. You will recall that he is the guy who wants animals to sue hunters and other Americans.

    He also supports gun control.

    While his nomination as head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs passed the Senate by a 57-40 vote yesterday, the REAL vote was actually much closer -- losing only by three votes.

    That vote occurred on Wednesday, when Republicans tried to kill his nomination using a filibuster -- a procedure which required Democrats to muster 60 votes. Every Democrat (except for three) voted for Sunstein. The three Senators who voted against Sunstein on the filibuster were Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), Mark Pryor (D-AR) and James Webb (D-VA).

    Unfortunately, a handful of Republicans crossed party lines to help Sunstein overcome the procedural roadblock. The Republican traitors who crossed party lines on Wednesday were Senators Bob Bennett (UT), Sue Collins (ME), Judd Gregg (NH), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Richard Lugar (IN) and Olympia Snowe (ME).

    Dishonorable mention goes to Republican-turned-Democrat Senator Arlen Specter (PA) who voted for Sunstein -- as well as Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR), who waited until the end of the voting period to finally cast his ballot against Sunstein.

    Regarding Pryor, you will remember that in August, he waited until the last minute to cast his vote in favor of the concealed carry reciprocity amendment. When it became clear the anti-gunners had a comfortable margin of victory, Sen. Pryor actually switched his vote at the last minute.

    GOA members will be receiving a newsletter soon that shows an actual picture of the Senate tally sheet, which documents Pryor's vote switch. (Not receiving GOA's newsletter? Go to Join GOA Online With our Secure Online Membership form. and become a GOA member today!)

    The cloture vote on Wednesday -- ending the filibuster on Sunstein -- was 63-35. You can see how your two Senators voted on the filibuster and on final passage by going to take-action on the GOA website.

    As the Regulatory Czar, Sunstein will provide the final touches on new federal regulations. No firearm or ammunition needs to be banned outright -- that would be too transparent. As the coauthor of Nudge (2008), Sunstein has already laid out how "choice architects" should carefully guide (or nudge) Americans into making better choices.

    So with a little regulation here... a little regulation there... Sunstein can strengthen the iron fist of the federal gun police (otherwise known as the BATFE). Or, he can implement additional federal requirements which will result in firearm and ammunition manufacturers paying more for their merchandise.

    Of course, these costs will be passed on to the consumer as new "taxes" that will "nudge" Americans away from purchasing firearms or engaging in the shooting sports.

    In short, be prepared for more "change" from Washington and less spare change in your pockets.

    Be vigilant about BATFE spying!

    GOA has received a report from a very well-known journalist at a big newspaper that the FBI and BATFE are teaming up together to get off-the-record information on gun owners. The project, known as Vigilant Eagle, involves federal agents going to gun stores and doing "meet and greets" with shop owners in the hopes of obtaining informal information on people buying guns.

    If you are a shop owner who is contacted by the FBI or BATFE as part of this program -- or if you are a gun owner who becomes aware that this program is going on in your area -- please contact GOA by going to Gun Owners of America and giving us the details of what you know. The journalist wants to run a story exposing Vigilant Eagle to the entire country.

    Dump Reid - Change we REALLY can believe in!

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