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Self-Defense -- In a landmark survey, criminologist Gary Kleck found that handguns are used in about 2/3 of 2.5 million annual defensive firearm uses.8 Analyzing Nat'l Crime Victimization Surveys, Kleck found that people who use firearms to defend themselves are less likely to be attacked or injured than people who use other or noprotective methods. Protection method and percents of individuals injured included: Used gun -- 17.4%, Used knife-- 40.3%, Used other weapon -- 22.0%, Used physical force -- 50.8%, Tried toget help, frighten offender -- 48.9%, Threatened, reasoned with offender -- 30.7%, Nonviolent resistance, (including evasion) -- 34.9%, Other measures -- 26.5%, Any self-protection -- 38.2%, No self-protection -- 24.7%. Kleck also found that "at most, 1% of defensive gun uses resulted in the offender taking a gun away from the victim," including instances in which burglars stealing guns from homes are confronted by homeowners armed with other guns.9

The Value of Civilian Handgun Possession as a Deterrent to Crime or a Defense Against Crime
The Value of Civilian Handgun Possession
as a Deterrent to Crime or a Defense
Against Crime
Don B. Kates Jr.[*]

...Mr. Edwards energetically pursues that theme, offering three tables and two graphs (all reflecting the same data base) to prove that "as shown by official studies firearms ownership and the commission of crime ... gun ownership by the average citizen does not promote crime but reduces crime."[58]

...Based on surveys sponsored by anti-gun groups, handguns are used to defend against approximately 645,000 crimes per year.[92] The accuracy of the magnitude of this figure may be assessed (p.142)by noting that it slightly exceeds the estimated 581,500 crimes committed or attempted by handgun armed felons each year.[93]

...Thirty-four percent of the convicts responding "said they had been 'scared off, shot at, wounded or captured by an armed victim,' and about two-thirds (69%) had at least one acquaintance who had this experience."[103]

...[I]n 1966 there were a series of brutal rapes in Orlando, Florida which panicked the women of the city into buying firearms for defense. Fearing a rash of accidental shootings, the local newspaper co-sponsored a firearms training class conducted by the police department; in the next few months some 6,000 [sic -- the actual number was about 3,000] women were trained in firearms safety and through the extensively publicized program. The results were remarkable.... [In 1967] Orlando was the only city in the U.S. of more than 100,000 population to show a decrease in crime.[133]

There is much more but the facts and legitimate studies have found considerably different results than the one that started this thread.
Thanks for the links... The more information the better.