Yet another stupid "study" - Own a gun, get killed
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Thread: Yet another stupid "study" - Own a gun, get killed

  1. Yet another stupid "study" - Own a gun, get killed

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    i think thier study is biased but ,its not wrong. no body expects to get robbed, raped,or murdered so the criminal always has the advantage. there for i say even if u have a gun to defend your self he already has pointed at u. so if u pull yours he already has the drop on u. Yet i well always carry mine because having a chance to defend myself is better than not having one.

    These people are probally antigun nut's anyway looking for any excuse, or reason to take away our rights.

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    This just in! 1oo% of gun owners will, at some time in their lives, die!
    "Life is a great teacher. Unfortunately, it kills all of its students..."

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    No one is absolutely safe anytime no matter if they are armed or not. I would however rather take my chances being armed than not.
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    Root cause

    Every time I teach a renew class or one that is a bit more advanced I ask the question of "how often do you shoot." You might be surprised at the number (or maybe not surprised) that have not shot since they got their permit (5 years in MN) or many months or maybe never in practice. I wonder how many of that type of gun carrying individual were the victim vs those of us who are on the range often (weeklyl or as the nra says once a month at minimum). In addition how many went through additional training and for into practical application of using their firearm. I hope I am ready should need be but in prepatation I shoot at least once a week, compete in USPSA, take a class a year (all I can afford), read constantly and teach at least 1-2 classes a month - not a guarantee but at least improving the odds. If you carry a gun and never have learned how to use it that is not a good idea - or at least not as good as it could be.
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    how retarded.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Poor study

    I read this article and it isn't very good. There were many confounding factors that likely played a role in why the armed people were more likely to be shot. The group of gunshot victims in this study was more likely to have alcohol and drug involvement at the time of the shooting, they were younger, they were more likely to be in low-income neighborhoods that had higher drug arrests at the time of shooting, the individuals were also more likely to be in high risk occupations (whatever that means), and they were more likely to have prior arrests.

    I would say that it is more important to stay out of bad neighborhoods, graduate from highschool/college, don't be in a high risk occupation, don't break the law and don't drink or do drugs while armed.

    Just my two cents


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xader View Post
    This just in! 1oo% of gun owners will, at some time in their lives, die!
    OMG, who wants to buy my guns? LOL.

    This is the most absurd study I have ever heard of. A bunch of gang bangers in Philadelphia? Of course they are more likely to die from drive byes or gang related hits or self inflicted gun shot wounds. This study is not looking at CCW holders who for the most part are highly trained and responsible people.
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    Ahhh... The guns killed them.

    Reap the Vision...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbass View Post
    Ahhh... The guns killed them.
    No, No, No They were killed by Death....

    Report is a "Load of rubbish"... I own guns and guess what? I'm going to die some day.
    Death is a constant. How, when, and where are the variables.
    Don't take life to seriously, it's not permanent...A dead friend of mine told me that one...He owned guns too. Died racing his motorcycle... Anyway...
    The gun is a tool, nothing more or less. It's not a talisman or a shield against the evil that men do. Learn how to use it, and when to use it. Donít rely on it solely. Rely on intellect and good judgment.

    mbass, Thanks for providing the springboard for my sad comedic leapÖ
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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