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Thread: How many criminals are really out there?

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    The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld long sentences for repeat offenders of even relatively small crimes.

    Note that the Constitution prohibits "cruel and unusual," not "cruel or unusual," punishment. (The framers had drawing and quartering in mind when they wrote the Eighth Amendment.) In Colonial times, the lopping off of ears for thievery, while it may have been cruel, was hardly unusual, and the authors of the Eighth Amendment assured the delegates that ear lopping would not be banned.

    Jefferson suggested that adulterers have a hole drilled through their nose and a metal ring affixed within it. Little did he know that such would eventually become fashionable.

  3. So when do you draw the line? If a shoplifter is caught shoplifting 3 times why shouldn't he be removed from society as he has demonstrated that the punishment given is no detterent to that person?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Child molesters and other VIOLENT felons are who the 3 strikes law needs to be focused on.
    Child molesters should be shot on site. IMAO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MADnMO View Post
    Child molesters should be shot on site. IMAO.
    Speaking from emotion, I agree with that 100%. Sensibly speaking, even with child molesters, we can't bypass the right to trial by jury. ...HOWEVER, if found guilty, public lynching comes to mind! Extreme? Yeah. Maybe too extreme but I would like to see rapists and child moleters recieve a special punishment worse than doing time. Maybe set up a "game" for them like in the Saw movies. They wanna live, make 'em cut off their own junk. Now there's a thought.....

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    Drawing and Quartering wasn't really a punishment as it was only performed after a hanging and therefore the criminal would be dead and couldn't feel any pain. However it did make a good deterrent for those thinking about it. There was some religous symbolism in it as the persons parts were scattered about and not being a whole body was thought to prevent them from going to Heaven. The thought of any punishment could be cruel the founding Fathers had such punishment in mind when forbidding cruel AND unusual punishment. Any punishment should act as a deterrent to repeat offenders as well as anyone thinking about doing it but sadly the average criminal does not have the power to equate punishment with crime usually thinking that they are too smart to get caught. If I had the answers I would be rich but I don't know that I am any closer to solving the crime problem than anyone else.

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