Obama money and the Long legged Mc Daddy
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Thread: Obama money and the Long legged Mc Daddy

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    Obama money and the Long legged Mc Daddy

    Two good videos that sum up what is wrong with the thinking of the Obamanites.

    YouTube - Rush Limbaugh: Obama Money

    YouTube - Michelle Obama's Money Honey
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    Those people should not be allowed to breed much less vote. IMAO.
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    Amazing, yet startling videos that (IMHO) are a snap-shot capturing the once-great US of A swirling the drain.

    The "Long-legged Mack Daddy's" spending in only 6 months eclipses the spending of ALL other US Presidents combined.... That fact alone should scare the $#!# outta reasonable, rational, TAX-PAYING Americans everywhere, regardless of their party affiliation.

    "Where does obama get the money?" "I have no idea, but we love him!!"

    God have mercy on this nation.
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