firearm printing while carrying concealed
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Thread: firearm printing while carrying concealed

  1. firearm printing while carrying concealed

    Wondering if anyone has a knowledge on wether it is a crime if my CCW prints thru my shirt on occasion in Rhode Island? I am a resident and have a valid State permit

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    I would be more concerned about the unwanted curiosity that printing would bring.

  4. My company shirt I wear for work is light colored and my CCW tends to print occasionally just want to make sure I'm not breaking any laws

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pcgjr47:312430
    My company shirt I wear for work is light colored and my CCW tends to print occasionally just want to make sure I'm not breaking any laws
    Don't worry about the unwanted curiosity, as I open carry (in WA) and seldomly get the curious person. Have you checked your states website and read over the laws yourself? If you haven't, those laws should be fresh on your mind, and the only way to do that is to read them frequently. It is your responsibility to know the laws, not someone else's responsibility to tell you their opinion. Google Rhode Island firearm laws and that should get you started. If you have questions on specified statues, ask a lawyer who deals with firearms, or ask again on here so that you can come to your own interpretation of the law. I recommend the former over the latter, but either will expand your knowledge.
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    Hi, I should have been more specific when I mentioned 'attracting unwanted curiosity'. What I was referring to was attracting the unwanted attention from the bad guys. I too live in WA, but refrain from open carry. I prefer to keep a low profile. Firefighterchen, I agree with educating yourself with the pertinent laws. The other source of information that I suggest is to ask the local gunshop owners as far as the applicable regulations go.

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    Think you will find printing isnt the same as brandishing.
    An attempt to cover or conceal should suffice.
    In Tn one needs the permit to carry open or concealed,thus really doesnt matter as long as you have the permit here.
    I dont carry open as recognizable as a firearm and or holster,either IWB ,sob with shirt covering or this in the open,as no one suspects its contents,plus im legal for open carry.
    Worn on left side or weak side inside is a pt22.

    When overnighting etc gerbers(pampers ,kodack,something brand name of something else not Ruger ,Glock etc.) works well with a full size 45 acp,same velcro flaps.This would be viewed as concealed in most places,as top covered none of pistol exposed.
    Its just as quick to get into operation as IWB,sob possibly faster.

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