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Thread: help with getting my ccw in ri

  1. are you saying i need to know him to just get the application from him or to get approved from him

  3. im also looking for advice on a springfield dont no if i should go 9mm or .40 i no the differences just dont no if the more power is better than a lower price of ammoin a 9mm

  4. Pistol Permit

    I am one of the instructors that signs off the pistol permit paperwork when you qualify at the 25 yard line using an ARMY L Target. You have three (3) ten minute shot strings for a total of 30 rounds in 30 minutes. Your best bet is to qualify with a .45 Cal. You can carry that caliber and anything below it.

    As far as getting an unrestricted permit, you can argue your justification with the Chief of BCI at the Attorney General's Office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boatme98 View Post
    jrek, I'm a part time RI resident and checked into getting a ccw last summer. Technically your local police or sherriff is authorized to issue a permit, however,it seems they have tried to remove themselves of this responsibility (illegally I'm quite sure). The locals will tell you to submit your request directly to the State AG.
    If you don't personally know him, you can pretty much kiss it off. Good luck.
    Oh, I do have my blue card and yellow card for RI.
    What is a yellow card?

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    Have you read the application? Page 4 give some factors in assessing of "showing need".

    Shall Issue...but require showing of lame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marissa View Post
    What is a yellow card?
    i think it is the card that RI DEM gives you to fire on thier range. It is a range permit that is valid for 4 years...

  8. Yellow Card

    Quote Originally Posted by Marissa View Post
    What is a yellow card?
    A "Yellow Card" is I believe to be a Hunter Education Card (which is actually pinkish) The 2011 DEM range permit cards are GREEN and good for 4 yrs. The RI State Pistol/Revolver cards which are also issued by the DEM (blue cards) are still BLUE.

  9. Showing of need

    Quote Originally Posted by mrjam2jab View Post
    Have you read the application? Page 4 give some factors in assessing of "showing need".

    Shall Issue...but require showing of lame.
    This state is very restrictive when it comes to LAWFUL firearms ownership and self preservation. From what I have found, take a weapons self defense class, get range time with the weapon you intend to carry before you take the range qualification. There are only two ranges that I know about what are open to the public. In Warwick there is the police range open to civilians on Sundays for a $15 dollar a yr fee which is very reasonable. They are very regimented there however it is a very good range with top level instructors and it is very safe. The other is the Great Swamp Management Area range run by the DEM. It is free to get your permit card and open 7 days a week also with very good range safety officers/instructors. All it takes for access to the DEM range is the application (also free) and a safety class (free) done at the range the day you pick up your permit. I do not have a ccw permit in this state as there are too many hoops to jump through even though I could easily use my Veteran status especially with my previous military occupation. However I am now a civilian and don't think it's the right thing to do to use a past status to obtain something that should be granted to all civilians wanting to do the right thing. If you get denied for any reason, you have to state that on other states apps you would be applying to also. I am moving to a nice lawful gun friendly state soon so I don't need a RI permit. If you do apply for a RI CCW then make damn sure you have a "VALID" reason for wanting to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones. As I was told "protection of life and property" isn't a valid reason to the AG's office although it is a good enough reason in other states. This is just my opinion as I'm sure everyone has their own but if a person is legally able to purchase a firearm (after you take that ridiculous blue card test) then why do you also need to show "need" to carry that said firearm? Connecticut and Massachusetts requires you to obtain a License To Carry card BEFORE you can even purchase a firearm which to me is the way to go. If a state wants to save money (I know- nobody wants to get rid of current jobs and save money) once a person is legally able to purchase a pistol and or revolver an authorization letter should be faxed or emailed to a specific person at the DMV and then you go get a new drivers license with a little red pistol up in either the right or left hand corner. However I think I'm making sense and of course we can't have that. This was a longer reply that I originally intended but I was on a roll and got my thoughts out. Anyone who disagrees with my views or thoughts I have this to say. It is still a 'FREE' country we live in and yes I did help defend it for 8 years so I do have a right to say it's a 'FREE' country and still the best!

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