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  1. kumbaugh

    Newest member of the family

    Desert Eagle .50 AE
  2. kumbaugh

    Lyman Ultrisonic Cleaner

    This will be my first time using my Lyman Ultrisonic Cleaner, the first victim will be my SW 5906. I'll remove the grips and break it down like a normal cleaning, but I'm not sure if that's enough. Do. Have to remove the trigger or can I leave it attached while in the cleaner?
  3. kumbaugh

    Gunsmith Fort Lauderdale Area

    i want to replace my sights on my SW 1911. Black on black is hard to see when you get older. I have tried various sight paints, and have not liked any of them. Does any one know or have used a good gunsmith in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area.
  4. kumbaugh

    SW Governor

    I did a search and did not find any thread on the governor. I'm getting ready to buy another gun and been looking at this for a few months. I haven't found one at the range or gun store. Does anyone own this gun or know anything bad about it.
  5. kumbaugh

    Bad day for shooting

    my wife and I went to an indoor range for some target practice today. my wife was on lane 1, I was on lane 2 and another guy on lane 3. the guy on lane 3 had his target hanging on a 45 degree angle. after he paused to reload I went over and tapped his shoulder and showed his how to hang his...