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  3. Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    A lot to look at. I really want one of those Sig 556 "pistols".
    I'd be happy with the regular Sig 556 carbine. Wow.


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    I had one. got rid of it and got two AR's instead. Thier decent guns but heavy, and u have to have good ammo or u got to switch to the second position on the gas regulator. Thier way harder to take completly down for a full clean out, other wise thier as quick to clean as a AR.

    The triggers on them are wonder full, and they look really nice though. I love sig but, i hate when i buy a gun and baby it because it cost so much.

    i even had to drop my sig p229 and scratch it to get my self to carry it.

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    Thanks for the pictures - Always wanted to go

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    Any one see a Kel-Tec PM-30 ?

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    These are great pictures Thanks for sharing them with us.
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  8. Great pics guys. Can't seem to upload mine. GRRR!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing.
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    Too much eye candy. OK, not too much. :)

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    does anyone know when shot will be back in Orlando?

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