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    I just shot my p238 the other day again, testing out some reloads. It was shooting great, much better than my LCP, which is easier to carry. I even ordered another 100 gold dot HP's for reloading.

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    the 938 is so little larger/heavier, and offers over 2x as much power, so I'd go with that. The only reason to go for a 380, in my book, is the 9 ozs and very compact Keltec P3AT, if you want to carry it in a wrist cuff, or something like that. Otherwise, it's the 11 oz, very small Diamondback 9mm.

    Shoot some critters with 380. after you see coons, chucks, possums,. etc, run off with such a jhp thru the chest, in nearly every case, you won't be so happy with it.

  4. That last response aBout one only wounds with a 380 is the typical response from those self-professed experts of weapons. Ergo, the .380 is tooooo small to eliminate an ant to a 200 lb man. I personally carry the sig p238 and switch between that and a S&W 442 (38 cal snub nose) and have for several years. I like my p238 as its easy to carry, is a down sized 1911 which I carried for 24 yrs in my military career. It especially nice for a summer time carry plus it is one accurate pistol.

    Now shooting and only wounding with a 380 is all a farce. I spent 4 weeks in the Marine Corps boot camp just learning to shoot an M1 and I do well with a rifle even shot on bn and regt rifle shooting teams. One has to learn to shoot any (ANY) weapon and practice. If you want to eliminate/kill something one has to aim at the vital areas and do a double tap (2 shot) with a hand gun and even a rifle. I wasnt a sniper In Nam and nor was I in the rear with the gear and I don't believe in one shot-one kill if I have to kill to save my life - period. I carry high end factory load hollow points in my Ccws. I practice weekly tgt shooting and double tap exercises. Plus IDPA would aid anyone wanting to use a weapon as a last resort to save your life.

    So the fable of only wounding a creature is all a .380 can do is pure hogwash or bull. Practice situational positions and trigger squeeze. The blow hards wherever I shoot never volunteer to stand 25 yds in front of me and let me fire one pea at them...... And yes I suggest you practice shooting 5,7, 10, 15 and 25 yds. Won a $20 form a loudmouth knocking my p238when I challenged him with one round in his $1000 45 acp and my .380 at 25 yds.

    Bottom line is that the bullets of today are designed to be more effective in stopping an attacker than even 10 yrs ago. So those who want a small lightweight pistol. Don't shy away from a 380 if it suits needs. I now carry too the Springfield XDs 45 acp which I just bought for cooler weather carry. I shoot twice a wk 90% of the time and shoot at least 50 rounds through either the 38 or 380. Get confident with your weapon and mentally think how you would react in a situation and practice that shot at the range. Good shooting.

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    I never said that they don't DIE later, you just CAN'T READ, that's all. when EACH enemy can stab, club or shoot you 4x a second, with EACH hand, yeah, go ahead and GIVE him a "few extra seconds"
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  6. Obviously "trainor" does not equate to "trainer" nor a "read person" on ballistics, reloading of rifle and pistol ammunition to include weaponry applications. So I will not honor nor enter into a whiney contest of name calling.

    I do though suggest trainr, you should do some research on your earlier statement. As mine is based on fact from personal experiences, research, combat, training of Marine Corps basic troops from boot camp to advanced Infantry training heading to Nam, as a Marine Staff NCO, as a US Army Officer and as an Army Engineer Acquisition professional. If this causes me to be considered a "moron" in your world so be it.... Alas, my years of training and my life work for myself, other Marines, Army Soldiers, NCOs, and Officers including NATO troops on weaponry and tactical applications was to no-avail..... I am fully retired twice and am quite content with myself, my knowledge and what others have expressed as to my expertise in military weaponry and usages.

    My comments to the originator of this discussion still stand. I apologize to you, the originator, for my frank comments but do consider them as one would consider "trainor or trainer" -- whichever comments you think is more accurate use.

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    Great little pistol

    I bought my wife and myself the little Sig P238 pistols about a year ago we have matching pistols. Besides the high price these pistols are quality fit and finish is top notch. I slip my friend into a uncle mikes #3 pocket holster. And into my pocket and all is good. My wifes sits in the safe because she says she needs more training. She only. Shoots at the range.
    She is scared that if she would need it in an emergency like. A mall shooting she. Might not be ready for that.

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