SIG Sauer p238
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    SIG Sauer p238


    Sig's new P238 has the company's distinctive look and feel, with an impressive profile and size. It packs six rounds of .380 but makes up for the small caliber due to it's 1.1 inch width.

    Bezeled edges and thin controls make it a superb choice for an ultra-compact carry pistol.

    The P238's slide is available in nitron or stainless finishes and can be fitted with factory night sights.
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  3. Thanks for the review

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    p 238

    the only thing i don't like about my 238 is single action. To get the first shot off you will have to pull hammer back. Or you can leave the hammer back and walk around with the safety on.

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    I carry a P238 as my backup. It is carried condition 1 at all times. All I need to do is draw, select fire and pull the trigger. I also carry my Kimber Ultra in the same fashion as my primary. I just think racking the slide to get it loaded is excess motion and allows the other person time to line up on me. Just me though.
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    I have had my P238 now for about 3 weeks and love it (primary carry) had it @ the range several times with no problems to report. I shot several FMJ target rounds as well as some self defense rounds, easily hit 6" target at 5yds & 10yds. feels great in the hands absolutely no recoil problems. I have it paired with a N82 tuckable holster BTW I highly reccomend this holster and company (AMERICAN MADE! in N.C.) already stated thanks for your review

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    Stop it, I'm drooling. LOL
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    Had mine since August I pocket carry mine, I love the pistol never had any problems

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    LOOOOOOVE my P238....Love both my Sigs, actually...gorgeous guns and excellent shooters.

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    Why a 380 when you can have more such as the 938 which is just slightly larger, a Kimber Solo, Kahr MK9/40 or an XDs 45 for that matter. By the way Colt is reviving their Mustang Pocketlite 380 if anyone is interested.
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    Had my P238 for years. Great gun. Carry cocked and locked IWB or in ankle holster. Not a fan of C&L with it in my front pocket though. Never a problem till this Weekend at the range. The last coil of the recoil spring broke off and the broken end took a little chunk out of the frame. I had to file it to get the slide to rack smooth. Still consider it a great gun, just a bad spring.

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