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    Sig 239... they are a little pricey ..... but the ones with wood grips and smoothed out are nice.... one of the few pistols that can make it through a 1000 round test with out a failure.

    Glock 19 is okay, I've only shot one once and it was brand new and you had to hold it tight not to limp wrist.... but most folks love them. I prefer DA/SA on a semi-auto pistol decock only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntindogg 0701 View Post
    one other question, should i buy the gun first, or get the permit first?
    You're going to need a handgun to test for your permit, so get it first if you don't already own a handgun.

    With the thumb issue I'm thinking a revolver would suit you better. With revolvers you have a lot more flexibility with your grip design. With an auto, what you've got is pretty much what you've got.

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    Again, more felt recoil in a revolver. Out of the guns you listed in your previous post, the Glock 19 or 26 are going to be the best value IMO. I also own a Glock 19 which my fiance carries. It is an excellent pistol. Stone cold reliable and ready for war right out of the box. You will have less felt recoil with the G19 than the G26 but the 26 is obviously a little easier to coneal. A good IWB holster such as the Crossbreed Supertuck or the Kholster work great for concealing either.

  5. Oh, I'll say it:
    The S&W 442 and 642 concealed-hammer snubnoses are great carry guns. Fit right into your pants front pocket. No worries about a hammer. Squeeze the trigger to fire. Shoot flat, and you can qualify without using the sights. .38 recoil is no big deal. +P will make you do a little dance.
    The Ruger LCR is also a great gun, but that big trigger guard doesn't fit my hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntindogg 0701 View Post
    i starting to hedge towards a 9mm. what do you think of the glock 19,glock 26,kel tec pf9,ruger sr9c,sig sauer p225,s&w sigma sw9ve,s&w sd9,s&w m&p 9c. also if anyone can think of other 9mm i might be interested in let me know..
    You also mentioned these criteria..
    1. 9mm, .380 auto, .40S&W
    2. compact and easy to conceal.
    3. minimum 6 capacity magazine.

    From my experience....
    I started CC with a 1911 in condition 1.
    Wanted compactness so switched to Glock 19.
    Needed more compactness switched a Glock 30.
    The thickness, bulk and weight got to be a bit much in the summer.
    Not to mention getting in and out of the truck/car and always Condition 0.

    I changed to CC .380 Makarov and carried for a long while (DA/SA w/manual safety)
    After the Glock 26 came out - decide to try Glocks again.
    CC but had the same issues as before with the Glocks (bulk, thickness, Con 0)
    Tried the S&W Sigma felt a little more comfortable with the heavier trigger pull for Condition 0.
    Weight was better but missed the compactness/thinness of the 380.

    Still wanted something thin, compact and light.
    Sig and Kahr were too expensive and Ruger was too thick.

    Decision was between Kel-Tec PF9 and Taurus PT-709 Slim.
    I liked the manual safety option of the Taurus as well as the true Double Action.
    I've been carrying Taurus PT-709 Slim ever since.

    However, when I open carried it was a 357 revolver (DA/SA).
    My car/truck carry is also a revolver (DA/SA).
    In cold weather, quick trip with a coat/jacket, 357 revolver.

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