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Thread: Want A Free Tree Rest from Montie Design? Tell Me Why!

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    I would love to have one I like the video and the easy setup Im getting up in age and this would help thanks!

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    I'll wait til one comes out that fits the steering wheel on my truck. But I think it's nice that you're giving one away. Kudos to USA Carry.
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  4. Tree rest

    I would like to have a Tree Rest to hunt predators. I'm " Big Boned", cant afford much camo and like to use trees to break up my outline and this would be a great accessory to help my old ,shakey aim.

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    Photographer needs tree rest

    Tree rests give a unique perspective to nature photography. Need a good tree rest.

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    Uhhh, I think he has already given the tree rest away to Switch.

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    Tree Rest

    Received it today and am very appreciative of having won the tree rest. Am looking forward to getting out amongst the trees. Hope you past on my thanks to all.
    'til next time, Switch
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    Great, hope you put it to good use!

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