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Thread: Practice Ammunition Foe A 45 Caliber Hand Gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Zebra View Post
    I assume you're satisfied with the 9mm Remington UMC you're using as range ammo. I use Remington UMC for my range sessions with my .45 ACP 1911. In my area, Walmart sells the Remington UMC 250-round boxes at a very competitive price.
    Remington UMC is about the cheapest around here too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rock919 View Post
    I use Remington UMC for my Sig Sauer P226R. It is a 9mm. What do I use when shooting a 1911 which takes 45mm ammunition at the range? Do they sell ammunition to practice with? I understand I can use snap caps which are rubber bullets. I am inquiring about a bullet which would actually be used for target practice? I would appreciate your response.
    Sorry to get off topic, but where did you get a 1911 that takes 45mm ammo? I want one!!!
    I'm sure you know it's really .45 inches, and I'm surprised no-one has pestered you about it yet
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