Silencer Co better known as SWR makes the best suppressor on the market. I own there .223 can and yes Surefire is as good maybe slightly better but it is also $1500 which is twice the amount. Since I own both I feel qualified to make this comparison. I also own 2 of their sparrows, 2 Octane 9's and Osprey for my 45 Kriss. Great company with an excellent customer service record. Once you shot with silencers it's hard to shoot without them. I can not even find my hearing protection anymore. I also own a few Gemtechs and due to their customer service I would never purchase from them again. If you going to purchase do not try to save a few hundred dollars because it will bite you in the butt in the long run. Ex. Gemtechs .223 silencer can only be fired 30 to 50 times max before it needs to cool off and can not be fired in auto mode. SWR needs no cooling and fires in semi or full auto. SWR for the win.