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    Even inmates in prison are allowed to have canes. Nobody but you knows if your knee really hurts or not. If you are agile and trained, a 3 sided, hollowmetal, divisible in half walking stick, is THE cat's meow, scaring off many by just the sight of it,a nd PUNINSHING severely, perhaps for life, those that can't take the hint. :-) ONE whack, normally one of the corners serves as a cutting edge, and presto, a non-usable leg or arm, perhaps for life, as is so well deserved.

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    how would carry an ASP or some other time expandable baton. it fits in your hands it's like a runner's Baton. having said that a TASER would be fairly big and would be almost the same as carrying a firearm.... pepper spray is less likely to cause permanent injury in itself however it is not as effective as a Taser

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    A TASER C2 is much more compact than other models of TASER, and with the right holster, it can be easily carried on the waistband of running shorts or in a fanny pack. But then again, if your wearing a fanny pack then you could carry any of the small compact pistols such as the Ruger LCP or the Taurus 738-TCP.

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