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Thread: What's your favorite gun oil?

  1. FrogLube.

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  3. Try looking up OD Green. It's two in one synthetic. The viscosity is perfect. It's well worth checking out and not expensive.

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  4. Hoppes 9 is one of the best oil to clean guns. Itís possibly one of the best smelling oils of all the gun cleaning solvents.

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    Remington oil for most things, and a premium high-temp synthetic grease for the spot high-wear and high-impact areas.

  6. Iím cheap and I prefer good old fashioned CLP. Iíve got a gallon that has been sitting around since my separation from the Marines 18 years ago.

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    I like using that CLP aerosol stuff to clean, then a q tip saturated with ballistol to lube, then a rag with it for a final wipe-down.

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    I have had different oil's and pretty much have settled on synthetic oil that I use in my F150. I figure if it's good for pistons going up and down at lightening speed it will work for a slide moving back and forth at much slower speed. The left over in the bottom of a gallon jug will last for yrs.A little dab will go a long way. And Rem oil is just mineral oil. Why it's so much in the store is crazy.

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