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  1. Question about out of state permit

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I just have a quick question. I just recently moved to Montana from Alaska (7 months ago). I had a CCW permit in Alaska. Even though I am now an official resident of Montana, can I still carry concealed using my Alaska permit? Or am I required to have one issued from the state of Montana? The law that I'm reading isn't very clear.
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  4. I also recently moved to Montana and had the same question as I currently have Virginia and Florida Non-Resident Permits, both of which are recognized in MT.

    I did not find anything explicit in MT codes that requires residents to have a MT permit; unlike Louisiana for example, which states you must have a LA permit if you are a resident.

    Take note of the red text under the 'Permits/Licenses This State Honors' section right under the maps:

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