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    And this goes for folks who fund Brady and other such such as a beverage company or such. And send this around once you or others find out. I use an older form from the 1990s that is referred to as Second Amend dollars. Downloadable pro-Second Amendment Leaflets
    "Undocumented Second Amendment Supporter, fighting against suppression of mandatory background checks."

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    I carry every place there isn't a metal detector, save for the VA. I respect the VA as well as their people; so don't carry in their hospitals/clinics; although I do keep my knife; and flashlight. Sometimes I keep the holster as well; especially when it was a concealment t-shirt. Have had some great discussions with my doctors and PA's while at the VA.

    I carried when Antiques Roadshow was in Spokane, and my wife and I had tickets for it. Ignored the sign for all firearms to be checked at the door - they were looking for firearms that an appraiser would be looking at and not my carry piece.
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  4. I'm with you there, Michael. I don't carry into any government building (city, state or federal) or schools. Other than that, my daily carry never leaves my side. I never remove my holster or mag carrier but leave my mag and weapon locked in the vehicle. Get some funny stares at the Post Office from their employees when I walk in with an empty holster.


    If I'm laying in an emergency room, dying from a gunshot wound, I don't want to answer my wife's inquiry as to why I wasn't armed with "There was a 'NO HANDGUNS' sign on the door and my integrity got the best of me!"

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