The average price of the class if you go through anyone that charges is about $75. If anyone charges significantly more and you have received other training, I'd think about going elsewhere. The initial class is 8 hours (a full day) with range qualification. You now can qualify with any semi-auto, revolver or one or two round derringer and be qualified to carry all three. Renewal class is 4 hours with range qualification. It's possible do to the renewal in one day, but not the initial.

You will have to apply for the permit in person at one of the LVMPD Fingerprint Bureaus which also house the CCW Detail. We had a major snafu with fingerprints back in fall 2009. If for whatever reason there's a problem with your fingerprints you will most likely have to return to Las Vegas to have them redone in person.

A caveat about the Gun Store. Their range qualification course exceeds the state minimum course mandated by the Nevada Sheriff's and Chief's Association.