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  1. Thank you. I'll make sure I clean the mag.

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    The only time I disassembled my magazines is when they were brand new. I removed the spring and put a very light coat of oil on the inside. I'm not sure if it is recommended, but I hate the thought of anything metallic rubbing against another metal object without some form of applied lubricant.

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    Every time I shoot one of my firearms I clean it afterwards, and that includes cleaning the magazine well or tube as well.

    My 45ACP and my 5.56x45 both have detachable box magazines. I take the one I used at the range completely apart, clean every square centimeter of it springs and all, wipe it off, then reassemble and test it.

    I have learned over the past 42 years of shooting with box magazines that they will jam if they are not cleaned.

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    I do a routine cleaning after every firing and a complete cleaning annually; but up to monthly if I've done a lot of firing, if its in a very humid environment, or if I'd had it in the field.

    Cleaning Regimen:
    - drop the magazine
    - rack the slide
    - separate slide from receiver
    - remove the recoil spring, guide, and the barrel
    - empty all rounds from all magazines
    - Hopp's 9 all over, patch until clean, through bristle scrubs
    - wipe down with clean cloth
    ***Complete Cleaning Additions***
    - remove firing pin
    - remove magazine base spring
    - de-grease all parts after Hopp's
    - spot application of synthetic wheel bearing grease for high wear and impact points
    ***End of Additions***
    - Rem oil over entire firearm, especially all moving parts
    - final wipedown
    - reassemble
    - reload
    - holster

    I'm very fast with the dishes, but when it comes to my firearm... I have it down to about thirty minutes. Care is more important than saving time. :)

    As for long-term protectant, Frog Lube won top honors in well-designed, independent field trials:

    Comprehensive Corrosion Test: 46 Products Compared : Day At The Range

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