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    I see here all the time people spending huge amounts of money paying for a "Name". Here's the place I buy my holsters. It's called The Holster Store: Leather Gun Holsters & Concealed Carry Holsters . Go to their site and look up holsters made for your gun by make and model. I have a Deep Comfort Pro-Carry IWB. I have been using it everyday for almost 3 years. It's comfortable, strong, and very reasonably priced. Shipping was fast. Made in US of US materials. Some of their holsters are extremely close to the big "Name" high dollar brands, but at a lower price. I've heard of people waiting for up to a month to get a holster from some companies. I got mine shipped from their Florida manufacturing facility in 4 days.

  3. I really like this Holsters that you can adjust it to fit various gun sizes and it's ambidexterous configuration is great. IWB Holster is made and built with top-quality ingredients to offer you the comfort and ease you need when carrying your firearm.

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