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Thread: Need tips to convince wife afraid of handguns

  1. Well. I would say getting a pistol that has a internal lock on it would help convince her. As well as a biometric safe.
    As for carrying I would say a pistol with multiple safeties. So if one of them did get a hold of it, u may have a few seconds to get it back before they figure it out. Also inside waist band carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by telpinaro View Post
    Biometric gun safes and deep conceal holsters, like the 3Speed. (3 Speed Holster)

    You won't forget to close this: Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe - Keep the extra key somewhere impossible to get at, and the kids can't get in unless they cut your fingers off. You'll notice if they try that.

    And wearing a holster that's actually inside your pants will probably deter kids as well. Can't imagine they want to go there.
    I use the 3 Speed Holster. Write it from time I awoke till I went to bed. Took her two months to finally ask me what happened to my holster. When I told her it's been on me last two months...she was pissed. She still thinks I'm paranoid for wearing at home.

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  4. My wife was the same! I had a long talk about her and addressed all the 'what if's' that she had in her mind. That really helped soothed her racing thoughts.
    Afterwards, I also showed her how we can safely store a handgun in a gun safe that works on fingerprint bio-metrics. Can;t say it was easy, but after a few attempts, I successfully convinced her.

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