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    Wolf, I lean toward Ruger. Not because I am familiar with the gun you are talking about but other ones I have first hand knowledge of' Excellent quality. My main reason now is their exceptional customer care. They really stand behind their product.
    I had a Mk III Hunter. I had probs with it from the beginning. Couldn't get through more then a mag or two without a stovepipe. Everyone said it needs to be broken in. BS. I bought more factory mags, made sure the extractor was spotless. Didn't help. I loved the way it shot....when it did without a malfunction. I found myself not shooting it. Finally at the end of this summer I called them to arrange by their Fed EX contract to pick it up at my place so it could be worked on. A couple of days later I got an email asking me if it was OK for them to destroy the gun and send to my FFL a new one. This all took less then a week. They put 40 rounds through it. I put 400 more and it works perfectly.
    The amazing part is I had the old gun fir 3 years and they replaced it. As they say,"be governed accordingly".
    I've heard great things about Ruger's customer service.

    Quite frankly, if PA would allow the semi-auto for hunting, there would be no question, I'd have an MKIII. But they don't allow semi-auto's for handguns or long barrels for hunting. *sigh*
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