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Thread: florida shooting

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    Florida Panhandle
    we have plenty of places to shoot in the panhandle

  3. I have noticed that. good shooting !!! I guess here in the southwest things are a little behind lol

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    Here's the link to another thread in the Florida section.


    Might be interesting if you've got the room to shoot safely.

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    I'm with Bluestar99. Sounds like an entrepreneurial idea to me. Find a niche, invest to capture and roll around in the profits.

    Here's a link :http://www.actiontarget.com/architec...FQ8OOgod9F4AJQ
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  6. LOL your so Right!
    NEVER holster the SAFETY Between your EARS!!!

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    I think what happens, is most guys retiring to Florida go to a local(?) gun range,

    and have to put up with the 75+ mile round-trip, charges, rules, restrictions, RSOs who've had 3 too many cups

    of coffee, rude patrons, etc; and they get tired, much as I did, of all the BS. They get a little

    land, set up a birm, and shoot on their own property. Everybody I know has their own range

    area, on their place.

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