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  1. I use my humidor so I can buy 5 pack and/or boxes and keep them for a short time, but I don't do long term storage like some, its a PIA. I like CigarBid, I set my shipping date a week from when I start buying or bidding, then get them all shipped for a low price. You can get some great sticks there for super cheap. I'm the guy who cuts the nubs open and checks the filler type of each cigar. You'ed be surprised who uses long filler and who uses floor sweepings.

  2. roll your own

    Quote Originally Posted by SR9 View Post
    Cigar smoking is a quicker way to die than cigarettes because they have no filters. You suck all the tar and nicotine directly into your lungs. It is a slow suicide.
    dont inhale. first rule of cigar smoking. just keep it in your mouth.(die slow of oral cancer instead of quick by lung cancer) I smoke about 3 cigars a year since i started growing tobacco for S!+$ and giggles. fascinated with the history and art of curing tobacco

  3. Let's Revive the Cigar/gun blog

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  4. Im currently enjoying a Padron 1926 Series. Went back to carrying my S&W 36 of 1970's vintage with I speedloader and a 6 pk speed strip in a pouch.

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  5. All this die of cancer, my father smoker Cigars up to 86 yo. I'm 60, gym every other day and physical last month, all is fine. My 52 yo neighbor, never smoked vegan, dropped of a massive coronary. Your time is etched!

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