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If only the 1600 idiot and his henchmen would understand but they are too busy playing a stupid game of world politics ala Neville Chamberlain in the 30's w/that pathetic mustached joke in germany---only difference is that this is with Iran who are out for Israeli destruction and instead of tanks and guns it will be with what will amount to Armageddon. Their rationale, in their unbelievably naive and stupid mind, seems to be that Iran and its pals fear and will fight ISIS---that will allow our fearless king with no clothes to go play golf and not have to make any decisions. He is such a narcissist, that he did not even listen to the Israeli Prime Minister who knows more than him--that just is not in his mindset at all--he is the all knowing wizard of OZ. He is so childish and pathetic that his excuse was he did not listen because he knows what the Prime Minister will say--oh really schmoe? You make a statement like that without any idea what he is going to say--you love to lie since only you are allowed to lie. Any Jew who can support this turd is useless to me. Any friend of my enemy IS my enemy" I hate to say this but it starts to get easy to be an anti-semite with Jews like these who can support the destruction of America.
I don't think it's naÔvity. I believe it's intentional. He's in the tank for Islam. There's simply no longer any other explanation.