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    I am a college student living in Orange County and I want to apply for my CCW. I know that as a college student I can't carry on campus and that's never something I would illegally. However, I recently turned 21 and I've had a handgun that was transferred to me when I was 18. I would like to exercise my right to concealed carry when I'm outside of campus. I'm failing to come up with a good excuse other than "self defense. I work as a photographer and I travel a lot for that job but I don't think that's a good enough reason. I also travel back to my hometown of Sacramento quite often.

    Since I do not "carry large sums of money for my employer on a regular basis", am not a "full time, part time or reserve LEO", Is it even worth it for me to consider applying? I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions, especially from residents of Orange County.

    Thank you.

    PS. If someone is familiar with the OC CCW process, could you explain the part where it suggests referrals/recommendations from non family members?

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    The current Sheriff doesn't support the 2nd Amendment. I used to live in the OC and it's sad to see how indifferent and unconcerned the citizens of the county have become. "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

    Under the current administration I wouldn't waste my time and money. I also would stay away from the red lined area.
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  4. I have a different opinion from deltoid. I live in his dreaded "red zone". OC has a 82% success rate for application approvals. OC has over 10,000 CCW holders. Sounds to me like the OC Sheriff is pro 2A. OC is a "may issue" County. In what you outlined in your post, you have some good cause issues. I recommend Artemis Defense Institute in Lake Forest. Steve and Sandy are really fantastic. They run a free pre-CCW class each month. Email me for more...

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  5. Sorry delford, auto correct gets me all the time.

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  6. Collegekid1. I carried concealed in a county right next door to OC. I was an avid hiker at the time and used my regular hiking in remote woodland and desert areas as leverage to gain my permit. My Sheriff was not 2A friendly but between my being military and my risk exposure in remote areas, they issued. Hope that helps.

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  7. Got my CCW in OC CA only took 8 days from start of application to get the card in my hand. Don't know what's the big deal

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