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    That is a confusing law, and must make eating out an inconvenience for gun wearers in your state.

    In SC, I've never seen such a sign at a restaurant because I've never seen a restaurant where anyone under age 21 would be prohibited from entering. The Charleston area has a high per capita number of restaurants, and most of them either have bars with them and/or serve alcohol at the table. Like the restaurant in your example, they also have restrooms located past the bar area. Unless a restaurant or bar has an official sign prohibiting guns, it's legal to conceal carry into the establishment, in my state.

    The only sign I worry about on a restaurant is the "A" rating from the public health department. :D

    Any chance of changing that law in WA?

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    It's tough to say. Washington has some of the strangest liquor laws imaginable. An example: a server between the ages of 18 and 21 can carry open bottles of beer to a table, but not closed bottles. The same server can carry a closed bottle of wine and open it tableside, but can't carry an open bottle of wine.

    The liquor control board requires "bar areas" to be separated from "dining areas" by a barricade of at least 3 feet high and 3 feet from the bar.
    Apparently because being in the vicinity of alcohol as a minor is a threat to their well-being. Just being CLOSE to booze will probably ruin their lives.

    Honestly though: most of the time it's very clear. If a place is JUST a bar, it's a no go. If it's a restaurant, you're almost always fine unless something weird happens like I just experienced.

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